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Office lighting design inspired by diamonds wins SOURCE Award

office lighting design rendering

The SOURCE Awards lighting design competition is open to current students who use Eaton’s lighting fixtures and controls products in a conceptual interior or exterior lighting design. University students studying architecture, design, engineering or related disciplines are invited to enter. 

Hannah Bulow won SOURCE Awards recognition while she was an interior design student at Purdue University.

Bulow’s office lighting design for Dynamic Design Firm is inspired by the diamond’s angular cut and triangular shapes, seen repeated throughout the firm’s space. The Eaton's Lighting Division team caught up with Bulow to learn more about her award-winning design and how it affected her development as an interior design major. 

What inspired you to pursue a degree in interior design? Do you specialize in a particular aspect? 

HB: I was always captivated by architecture while I was growing up, and I was intrigued by how different environments can affect our behaviors and moods. Interior design is a creative field that melds architecture, psychology and logical thinking. I hope to focus on workplace design, because designing positive workplaces can impact people’s lives inside and outside of work. 

What role does lighting play in design? How does it transform a space?           

HB: Lighting is able to completely change the mood of a space; it’s largely responsible for what is highlighted in a space and what is meant to be seen in the background. It plays a variety of roles in a space with different layers, like ambient, task and accent lighting. The best lighting designs can ease eye fatigue, reduce headaches, create captivating displays and be customizable for each individual using the space. 

What was it like winning a SOURCE Award?

HB: Winning a SOURCE Award was an unforgettable experience. The contest taught me the importance of lighting and how it affects the users of a space. Also, being able to attend LIGHTFAIR in Chicago allowed me to connect with professionals in the field and experience the largest commercial lighting tradeshow in the world. I was introduced to new products and applications that will further enhance my knowledge and skills in lighting design.

What motivated you to enter the contest?

HB: My professors are always pushing students to be involved in the interior design profession as much as possible outside the classroom. I was particularly motivated to enter the SOURCE Awards because I know Eaton is a dynamic company when it comes to lighting. I had never fully dived into the world of lighting, but after discovering the multitude of different products that Eaton has to offer, I became more passionate about lighting and its applications. Not only was I creating a unique project with the use of lighting controls, but I was also learning about how lighting affects us.

Tell us about your award-winning lighting design.

HB: My lighting design is focused on sustainability, energy efficiency and the wellbeing of the occupants. There is an abundance of natural lighting from the large curtain wall that allows occupants to view the beautiful scenery of Napa Valley, California, while receiving natural daylight. LED lamps make up the majority of the products used throughout the design. Eaton’s lighting control products increase efficiency with motion-activated sensors, outlets with USB chargers and WaveStream™ LED technology that improves the lifespan, energy efficiency and maintenance of lighting products.

Recessed lighting is provided throughout the design firm to offer ambient lighting. Indirect and direct lighting create uniformity within spaces and reduce glare and eye strain. Pendants and chandeliers give specific lighting to conduct tasks and complete paperwork. Lastly, the use of wall washers and track lighting helps accent wallcoverings and textured materials.

How has winning a SOURCE Award changed your future plans? What's next for you?

HB: Winning a SOURCE Award has changed how I see lighting. I always knew that lighting was important. But attending LIGHTFAIR and seeing the substantial impact lighting has on our environment, productivity and mood have changed how I approach lighting in my designs. Lighting has become an integral part of my projects. 

My future plan after graduation from Purdue University is to attend graduate school in either interior design or architecture. I hope to focus on sustainability as well as more theoretical and philosophical explorations within design.

What would you tell someone aspiring to win a SOURCE Award?

HB: Fully immerse yourself in a project that you are proud of and want to further enhance. Lighting has a dramatic influence on a space, so be ready to dive into the research about products and learn which products will be appropriate for your space. Do not be afraid to try something new and different. Allow your presentation to be informative but also visually stimulating so that it will really capture the judge’s attention. Lastly, your design should be indicative of your personal style and creativity. 

The SOURCE Awards competition, established in 1977, focuses on furthering the understanding, knowledge and function of lighting as a primary element in design. Designed to recognize and honor the bright future of the lighting design industry, the awards are part of Eaton’s commitment to building the pipeline of lighting design talent.

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