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The SOURCE Awards

For more than 40 years, the SOURCE Awards have recognized the best and brightest in lighting design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eaton's Annual SOURCE Awards have historically presented an opportunity for the company to engage directly with the lighting designers and engineers who specify their products, as well as students on the path to lighting design or engineering careers. Considering falling participation, Eaton has made changes to the program for 2018.

Q: Why are the professionals not included in the 2018 awards?

A: A key goal of the SOURCE Awards is to promote the lighting design industry and build the pipeline of future designers. In reality, the professional awards tended to award the same firms and individuals year after year, rather than drawing in new talent. Even with the same professionals applying each year the number of total submissions has fallen year over year.

Q: Haven't student entries been declining as well?

A: Student entries have declined, though not to the same point that the professional entries have. With a renewed focus on the goal of building the pipeline of future designers, we are confident we can reverse the trend of falling student entries.

Q: Are the professionals who have submitted year after year going to be cut out completely?

A: We are excited to extend invitations to many of the professionals who have won in the past to participate in the student-only SOURCE awards process. They will be asked to judge student entries and present during the awards ceremony. We are hoping this will help foster mentorships between these esteemed lighting designers and the students who are the future of our industry.

Professionals who are interested in participating in the student awards should reach out to Karin Martin, kmartin41@aol.com, for more information.

Q: Will the SOURCE Awards be student-only indefinitely, or will the professionals come back at some point?

A: We will evaluate the 2018 awards after entries have been received in February 2018. At that time, we will determine how the program will move forward for 2019 and beyond.

Q: What else is changing about the SOURCE Awards?

A: The submission deadline is extended to February 28, 2018, and only students are invited to enter. Otherwise, the entry and judging rules, prizes and awards ceremony will remain the same.